The Belvedere Palace







Behind the Belvedere Palace are the Belvedere Gardens, and at the end, with the red roof, is the Lower Belvedere Palace:


A house next to the Belvedere Gardens with pretty ivy on the side:


Schönbrunn Palace


Schönbrunn was the summer residence of the Austrian emperors.  Maria Theresa had it built; it has 1400 rooms so that her 14 children could have 100 rooms apiece.



Behind Schönbrunn Palace are the huge Schönbrunn Gardens, with the Gloriette on the hill in the distance:


The Gloriette was built for no other purpose than to be pretty.


Nowadays there is a small restaurant in the Gloriette, and if you don't want to climb the hill, you can take the train!



The right end of the Gloriette:


And the left end:


Notice the statues above -- they are replacements for the real ones shown below, which were damaged in World War II.


The view from the Gloriette is magnificent:


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